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Section 1: Price Action
Technical Analysis / Indicators

In this section, we learn different ways on how the market moves and reacts to our trade levels. We learn specific entries and exits in the market.


Trading Bounces

Let's learn the different ways to enter reversals when the market bounces on your trade levels.


Trading Breakouts

Supports and resistances won't hold forever. Eventually the market breaks out of these trade levels. We can enter it either aggressively or conservatively.


Flag Pattern

One of the simplest ways to follow the trend is to spot breakouts with flag patterns.


Continuation Candlestick Patterns

In addition to Flag Patterns, here are other variations.


Fibonacci Retracements

When the market moves, it doesn't move in a straight line. It retraces before continuing its trend. Let's check out where it can retrace back to so we can have a better entry in the market using the Fibonacci Retracement tool.


Fibonacci Extensions

Now that we have better entries with the Fibonacci Retracement tool, where can we exit the market? Fibonacci Extensions can give us clear targets to set our Take Profit.


Reversal Candlestick Patterns

When the market bounces on supports and resistances, what confirmation can we use? Let's check out several reversal candlestick patterns to get better confluence in our bounce trades.


Locating Trade Levels

Let's recap on what we've learned in the beginner course where we draw horizontal trade levels and trendlines with the addition of Pivot Points.

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