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How to Join PAFTI Discord Server

Get quick updates on trade ideas and market analysis on our Discord Server.

Trade and learn together with fellow PAFTI members.

To join, you must have a live account with one of our preferred brokers using PAFTI's link. Account must be funded. Directions on how to join below.

Step 1:

Open a live account here

We recommend either Vantage or XM.


Can't decide which one? Check our reviews here

*Link provided above must be used

*Check account opening tutorials.

*If you already have an existing account with XM, just click the link and "add new account" on your dashboard. You can contact us at to verify if the account is with PAFTI.

Step 1

Step 2:

Fund your account

We suggest at least $100. In our personal experience, local online banking options are the best (you can chat with their support through their website so they can help you step by step). Kindly avoid using debit cards. Video Tutorials at Step 1.


Step 3:

Register here

Live account must be funded before this step.

After you have a funded live account, kindly compete the form. We prefer you to register with a Gmail account so we can give you access to our google drive with all the e-books and other videos on trading. 

*If the google form doesn't show up, kindly refresh the page or click here.

Step 4:

Download Discord and join using the link provided

Download Discord on Google Play or App Store. An invite link will be sent to your email after the admin checks everything. Kindly join as soon as you can as the link has an expiration. If there are any problems encountered, feel free to chat with us here, our Facebook Page or you can also email us at

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