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Section 2: Intraday Gold Trading
Specialization Courses

Trading gold intraday can be very challenging. Let's learn what influences how gold moves. In addition, we can trade it using the Avramis Gold Indicator from Tradepedia. This indicator is exclusive to XM traders.


Intraday Gold Trading

Let's check out what influences gold and how to use the Avramis Gold Indicator.


How to get the Avramis Gold Indicator?

How to avail tradepedia tools/indicators?

1) Must have a live XM account under PAFTI's link (details below).

2) Message XM Live chat or your account manager and tell them you'd like to avail the tradepedia indicator. They will ask you for a deposit requirement (usually $200 for lite version and $500 for full version).

3) Fund your account.

4) Confirm with Live chat or Account manager that you've completed the requirements. They should send you the installers and get your account approved with Tradepedia.


For NEW XM traders:

Open a live account here

How to open a live account: go to page


For traders with existing XM live accounts:

1) Click here to update the cookies

2) Click "add additional account" or Login to your dashboard at the XM website and add an additional account from there

3) Send us the ID number so we can check

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