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Apple iPhones might have Google's Gemini AI soon

Apple is stepping into the future by possibly teaming up with Google to bring some serious AI brainpower to iPhones. Imagine your iPhone getting smarter, not by a small leap, but a giant jump, thanks to Google's Gemini AI. This isn't just any update; we're talking about features that could transform how we use our phones with iOS 18.

Apple iPhone with Google Gemini A
Gemini AI on an iPhone

This move is big news because it shows Apple is looking outside its walls to make the iPhone even better. They've talked with OpenAI too, but it's Google's AI they might use. It's kind of like Apple admitting, "Hey, we need a hand to make our phones do cooler, smarter things." And who better to ask than Google, right? They've been buddies for a while, with Google paying Apple to be the go-to search engine on Safari.

But here's the twist: This could stir up some drama. Their partnership is already under the microscope, with some folks worried it gives them too much power over what we see and do online. Adding AI into the mix could turn up the heat.

For Google, it's a chance to show off what Gemini can do to millions of people. But for Apple, it's a bit of a gamble. They're all about doing things their way, and bringing in Google's AI could mean they're not as far ahead in the AI race as they'd like to be.

Yet, this could be a win-win. iPhones get smarter, Google shows off its AI muscles, and we get cooler tech. The only catch? We've got to keep an eye on how this plays out with the bigwigs who make sure no company gets too powerful.

If in case it pushes through, how can we make money off of this? Both Google and Apple stocks would probably be bullish. Personally, I think Google would get the most out of the deal, but trade setups are clearer on Apple.

Apple's price action and momentum is still leading downward on the daily chart. Let's wait for the price to break the trendline, or wait for it to react at the support around 157.00. From there, we can look for opportunities to buy.

Chart of Apple stocks AAPL on the daily chart
Apple stock price on the D1 chart

Google's price action on the other hand is messy on the daily chart. Price currently has no clear direction and has no significant support levels to look for opportunities to buy. In this case the best course of action is to wait for the news and come in at market pullbacks.

Chart of Google stocks GOOG on the daily chart
Google stock price on the daily chart

So, while we wait for the official word, it's exciting to think about what our iPhones might do next. Apple's always been about the "next big thing," and this partnership with Google could be just that.

Source: Bloomberg

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