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Section 2: Setting Up
Beginner Course

Let's get things started the right way! Let's choose the best type of account to use and download our very own trading platform on your devices.


Opening Your Trading Account
(Live & Demo)

Choose a broker and open a live and demo account with them. We recommend the trusted partners of PAFTI. Check out the videos on how to open accounts with either of them. After registration, validate your live accounts so it can be used for live trading.



*Link provided above must be used to join PAFTI Discord later

*If you already have an existing account with XM, just click the link and "add new account" on your dashboard. You can contact us at to verify if the account is with PAFTI.



Downloading Metatrader 4 or 5

Download the Metatrader 4 or 5 (MT4/MT5) platform on your device. If you're using PC or MAC. Directly download the platform from the broker's website. If you're using an Andriod or IOS device, go to the Play store/App store and download Metatrader 4 or 5 from Metaquotes. Make sure that if you've opened an MT4 account, download MT4. If you've opened an MT5 account, download MT5. MT4 accounts can't login to MT5 platforms, vice versa.



login mt5.PNG

Logging in to your Trading Account

Login to your device with your live/demo account. Go to "file" on the top left of the platform, then select "login to trade account". Make sure to use the correct ID account number, server and password. Your ID and server will be sent to your email. If you're using the mobile version, kindly select the correct broker and server to login successfully.

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