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Section 1: Fundamental Analysis
Fiat Money and Macroeconomics

In this section, we'll learn all about money and the macroeconomic factors that affect it. We'll also cover how central banks influence the supply of money to address economic concerns on unemployment and inflation.


What is Money?

Fiat currencies are not pegged to a certain commodity, but its value is based on trust and confidence.


Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is all relevant factors that affect an asset class. In Forex, we focus on macroeconomics and the business cycle.


Money Supply

To go deeper into analyzing supply and demand of fiat money, let's take a look at money supply and how it affects the value of the currencies.


Application of Fundamental Analysis

The main macroeconomic data we need to take a look at are growth, unemployment and inflation. Let's learn where we can get these data and how do we make sense of it.


Fundamental Framework

After learning all about fundamental analysis, we should make a plan or framework to apply it properly. Here are some considerations on how to integrate it to our trading plan.

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